April 10th


10 April


Been a very busy month travelling all over on tour . The shows are going brilliantly well , I’m absolutely loving it . All audiences have been fantastic – warm and enthusiastic which helps you perform at the top of your game.

“Glitterball” the sitcom I’m writing with Neil Fitz has just undergone another revision after the table read at the BBC . It’s actually a lot better for the re-write in which we’ve stripped the story right back and taken out a couple of characters and storylines to use in a later episode. Its funnier and pacier now so we’re very pleased with it and have everything crossed (again) .

To be honest , the table read didn’t go brilliantly ,mainly down to a couple of poor performances on the day and we feared the worst but I think the story and the dialogue shone through and when they asked for a re-write we were sort-of relieved.

Still not got anyone interested in “Buzz Dish” the other comedy I’m writing with John Lebbon which is a real shame as I really believe in it and I’m certain it would work brilliantly on TV.

Big thrill on 2nd April when I played the Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust . Bottom of a great bill – Jon Richardson, Stewart Francis, Jimmy Carr , Alan Davies and Tim Minchin compared by Jason Manford who was brilliant. Walking out on that stage is incredibly scary and daunting (pampers time) because it’s such an iconic venue and the view from the stage is awesome. My set went very well , couldn’t have gone much better – well maybe a little – but nerves play a part when you’re opening a show as big as that. The highlight was after the show when a group of the teenagers having cancer treatment came backstage for a bit of a party. They were bouncing, so up for it and positive we found it quite humbling in a way . We had a great time with them and my wife Kay and I haven’t stopped talking about it and telling everyone about their courage and humour and resilience. Awesome group of kids.

Well only three more nights to go on tour , Blackburn , Shrewsbury and Nottingham which will bring the total for 2011-12 to well over 80 and I’m really happy and flattered to say that Theatres have been enquiring about taking the show in Spring 2013 so I’m already talking to Scunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Oldham, Barnsley , Harrogate, New Brighton, Chesterfield, Dudley, Runcorn , Cannock , Dudley , Colne and Hebden Bridge.



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