"Go and see a master at work...pure comic gold"
Lancashire Evening Post

"He's premier league"

"Relaxed, visual and hilariously funny"
Time Out

"Whenever older women, shaved headed hard knocks, entire families and trendy students are all filling up with tears of laughter, then you know you are watching a top class comic...a national treasure...down-to-earth genius"
Liverpool Daily Echo

"His delivery and timing are quite exceptional"

"A super stand-up"

"One of the most original, funniest men to have emerged in years"

"Smart, unpretentious stand-up with the co-star of Phoenix Nights"

"His easy patter, affable demeanour and assured stage-craft acts as the perfect foil for his astute eye for detail in the everyday absurdities of life, sprinkled with a few well-placed flights of fancy. That, allied to timing that is Swiss-watch perfect, makes for a formidable combination."
Manchester Evening News

"Inspired performance"

"A comic who walks a tightrope between the comedy of the everyday and the surreal, pausing occasionally to place a foot down firmly on either side."

"Sell your first born for one evening of absolute quality"
North West Evening News

"The hottest ticket in town...once word really starts to get around that here's a star in his own right we'll be witnessing a ticketing rush of Peter Kay proportions"
Morecambe Today

Dave Spikey