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Jason Manford and Friends

7.30pm, May 29th, Lowry Theatre

Tickets £28

We’ll be raising money for Joseph Waldeck  a 4 year old boy with autism, who cannot speak, walk without supervision, eat or use the toilet by himself. He needs constant care and guidance as he does not have any life-preservation skills.
It is a lifelong incurable disability. But with early intervention, specialist support, teaching and therapies, Joseph’s life can be immensely improved.
Joseph is still very young but he needs help now before it’s too late. 

The Seashell Trust is a unique school that can give him the chance of developing these skills. With the specialist support and treatment they provide, he will get access to some of the experiences and opportunities so many of us take for granted. Of course, this comes at a price, £70,000 a year.

By attending/sponsoring this event you will help raise the money that will enable Joseph to attend The Seashell Trust.

Dave Spikey

Russell Howard

Justin Moorhouse

Stewart Francis

Paul Zerdin

Gav Webster

Steve Royle

Bren Riley

Neil Fiztmaurice

Andy Askins

John Maloney

Steve Shanyaski

Mick Miller

Hal Cruttenden

Junior Simpson

Phil Walker

Dave Spikey